Offering More Choices for your child’s Care

Naturopathic Medicine

Our naturopathic medicine service will help you to understand the natural ways of helping your body heal and overcome conditions. We will help you target dietary requirements and seek out the ways that changing the way you fuel your body can change the quality of life your child lives.

Prime Health Clinic’s qualified team are available to discuss the different naturopathic medicine options that are available to you, and how these options may benefit you. Book your appointment with our understanding and qualified staff in the near future to discover more.

Pediatric Gastroenterology

If your child is suffering from gut, pancreas or digestive orders, they should seek care from our top-rated pediatric gastroenterology doctors. These professionals are registered and experienced in providing care in this niche of medicine with excellent results. From identifying food allergies to liver problems, there is no area of pediatric gastroenterology that they have yet to see. Some children may be anxious about visiting a doctor and all our professionals create a warm and welcoming environment to make them feel comfortable

To book an appointment with a fully trained and renowned pediatric gastroenterology specialist, get in touch with the Prime Health clinic team. We are waiting for your call, and waiting to help your child overcome or mitigate their health problems.

Health Care

Your overall health is important to you – and it is important to us. This is why we also offer an array of health care services to monitor your health and find ways of improving the symptoms of various conditions.

All of our health care staff are on hand to answer your questions and offer their support. To speak about general health concerns and the ways of improving your health, do not hesitate to contact us and book an appointment. Your health is our priority!


Andi Chang is a leading nutritionist and we are proud to have his services at Prime Health Clinic. Andi and his team work closely together so they can provide patients with the best nutritional services possible. From tailored nutritional plans and insightful expertise, the ways that Andi can help you or your child are almost countless.

To discuss your diet and nutrition, contact us to book your appointment. Your nutrition is key to overall health, but it is also important as a way to reduce the effects of underlying conditions. We are here to help – give us a call and find out how.

Lab Corp

We also offer lab services so you can get test results efficiently and conveniently. This allows us
to diagnose symptoms fast and provide the best solutions to your health issue, whether it be nutritional, the need for a pediatric gastroenterology service or even a call for naturopathic medicine.

Our lab services may be requested by our in-house experienced practitioners, but for them to do that you need to make an appointment to see them. Come down to our friendly establishment for your appointment soon!

Get your questions answered in a consultation with our leading physicians in pediatric gastroenterology.

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